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About Us


     Shanghai Flower medical is a professional medical devices for the operating room and ICU overall solution medical equipment company, general, walter series of products: the main production and sales of the operating room operating lamp, operation table, bed, surgery, medical suspension bridge cranes, hospital beds, trolleys, cabinets and other surgical equipment, the company was founded in 2006, after years of development, general franco has by specialization, normalization gradually scale, the brand. With excellent products and careful service, we attract foreign friends to visit and cooperate with us.

Shanghai's walter medical apparatus and instruments in Shanghai hongkou district changyang county road 235, the registered capital of ten million, has been in the human "peace" and "life", "health" as the guideline, with "customer satisfaction" as the service aims to develop service every customer, the company after years of continuous struggle, have forward into the front end of the medical industry, Shanghai's walter medical instrument co., LTD has ten years of experience in production and sales, medical equipment production base, located in Shanghai and shandong according to region, has more than 20000 square meters high standard medical equipment production workshop, more than 200 employees, annual output value of more than 160 million yuan. As a professional medical equipment company, we have a group of high quality professionals committed to the development of medical equipment of practical instrument, the health and safety, we research and develop surgical lamp tower, units, bed can fully meet customer demand, meet the requirements of doctors in all kinds of operation, the maximum save the doctor's physical strength, alleviate the fatigue of doctors, promote the success of the operation efficiency. The company's products are used to meet the needs of hospital bed and other equipment in various standard (European standard, daily standard, national standard).

Tome, based on sincerity, sincere people together a group of high quality talents, with high efficiency, enthusiastic service, high-quality product quality to win customers abroad, our products through the eu CE certification and ISO9001 certification, certification and approval of the hl-tech corporation related certificate, general, medical apparatus and instruments is keen to attend overseas exhibitions, and with Russia, the United States, Brazil, Iran, Russia and other multilateral trade cooperation has occurred and maintain a good relationship with them. Our staff are full of enthusiasm, insist on doing the real thing, do the right thing, and sincerely solve every problem for the customer.

We believe that with the development of improved continuously, and constantly improve production technology, improve product quality and perfect customer service system, the concept of service marketing in time in time, we can completely from "made in China" to "created in China", leading the development of medical industry.