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Later sales

Dear users:

Under your support and trust, to protect your interests and to make you better and better service, we hereby make the following pledge:

First, prepare before installation

Our equipment is of good quality and new unused. We have passed the inspection of the factory quality and the packing is good, suitable for long-distance transportation.

2. 20 days before the shipment We in written form shall notify the end user equipment installation preparation conditions, after users receive written delivery requirements, we will delivery on time.

Installation and commissioning and training

We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment provided by our company until the system is running properly.

2. Installation and debugging is completed we will at the scene of the installation by has three years experience in maintenance technician training for the buyer, make its can independently accomplish the operations related to the equipment, systems, and items for attention when using and common simple fault processing, ensure that the user of instrument can skilled operation and daily maintenance.


The services provided during the warranty period

We guarantee a one-year guarantee for the goods. The guarantee time will be calculated from the acceptance. In the warranty period we will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China to provide after-sales services such as “3 packets” goods, unless the contract separately.

2. The problems during the warranty period by our equipment, we will be in constant response within 24 hours, all parts of the country within 2 working days after receiving notification manufacturer to on-site service, on-site service regional office service centers 24 hours, and must be continuous for repair, until the fault completely ruled out, completely back to normal equipment.

3. We have (or entrust) permanent resident in China’s domestic service agencies to handle all maintenance services, and equipped with full-time, with more than three years relevant work experience and technical personnel. Supplies of spare parts are sufficient to meet the requirements of user safety. We will provide relevant documents with legal effect when entrusted with the maintenance service of permanent resident maintenance facilities in China.